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Check current coffee offerings in our warehouses

We carry a full range of specialty green coffee in our three warehouses located in New Jersey, Houston, and San Leandro.



Setup an account...

Our office staff will be delighted in assisting you in any aspect of your coffee business and we look forward to becoming your specialty coffee supplier. Contact Us if you don't already have an account, and we'll help you get set up!

For new customers, the first three orders are on a net cash basis. Specifically, payment must be made by check, money order, or wire transfer. Payment for coffee must be received in advance of shipment.

  1. Please print out and complete our Customer Credit Application
  2. Return the Customer Credit Application to us via email to or fax to 713-780-7051.
  3. If you do not wish to establish credit terms with us, you can simply fill out the profile section (the first page) in order to enable us to expedite your ordering. If you do wish to establish credit terms, fill out the entire application. Once it is approved, and you have completed 3 Net Cash Basis orders, payment terms of Net 15 Days will be extended for subsequent orders.
Request Samples...

Contact Us for samples of the coffees you would like to try, and taste the quality of our beans for yourself. Our traders closely monitor the state of the coffee market and can make recommendations based on where the market is heading in terms of price and supply. We're here to help you get the coffee beans you need!

Enjoy Walker Coffee's quality customer care

Walker Coffee offers an unbeatable combination of high quality coffee and excellent customer service:

  • We cup and evaluate all coffees in our inventory before any sales are made to make sure they meet our high quality standards.
  • We provide our customers with the most up to date and accurate market information.
  • We provide our clients with a number of price fixing options.
Place your order!

When you're ready to make your decision, give us a call at 1-877-302-6333 to place your order. We sell in quantities ranging from single bags to container loads.

Orders need to be placed 30 minutes prior to each respective warehouse deadlines for next day shipment.

Warehouse Deadlines:
The Annex, San Leandro CA - 10:00am (Pacific)
Continental Terminals, NJ - 3:00pm (Eastern)
Dupuy Storage Houston, Tx – 3:30pm (Central)

Understanding our sales/shipping terms
  • INSTORE or SPOT means that the coffee is in the warehouse and available for immediate purchase.
  • SHIPMENT means that a customer can put in an order to purchase coffee that will be shipped to the warehouse. We will provide you with a sales confirmation to verify your purchase for future delivery. This option is open for customers that have completed the credit application and placed 3 purchase orders.
  • FOT (Free Onboard Truck) is the basis that outbound shipments from our warehouse locations are made. As the customer, you would not pay any additional loadout charges from the warehouse, and your freight will be loaded on a truck accordingly. Unless otherwise requested, your coffee will be palletized and shrink-wrapped to protect it during transit.
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